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Alenso AB sells fish and seafood caught in the Norwegian territories of Barents Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. We represent a number of fish processing companies that catch and process fish and seafood, and we function as a sales agent to promote their products. We also offer our sales services to companies in other regions. Alenso AB coordinates deliveries to the buyer at hand with the most suitable mode of transport. The fish and seafood caught off the coasts of Norway in Barents Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are some of the most ecological, healthy, and popular food products on the market and are used world wide.

Food Safety Certification

document contains a Certificate of origin, Sanitary Documents, and a certificate issued by the governmental body NFSA, The Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Wholesale Market

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Finished production

Portions frozen salmon in sauce

On this page you can see the description package and photo of finished product.

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